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Building skills, knowledge, and confidence that allows you to prevent, treat, and beat cancer.

Which best describes you?

I or my loved one has cancer.

I am a cancer survivor.

I am an oncology provider.


Becoming an Empowered Patient

Did you know that feeling and acting empowered can help improve your cancer and overall health outcomes, adjust faster to a medical condition like cancer, follow your treatment or care plan more easily, and have increased confidence?


Making Healthcare Decisions is Tough. Empowered Health Can Help

Sometimes it’s hard to know which cancer treatment or medical procedure is best for you. This video offers tips for how you can work with your healthcare team to make decisions that address what’s most important to you.

Healthcare Providers: One Question Can Help Your Patients

Healthcare Providers: One Question Can Help Your Patients

Do you know the one question to ask your patients when they are faced with making an important medical decision that can lead them to feel more confident and in-control?

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Connect with Our Community

As Empowered Health Ambassadors, we share our triumphs, struggles, and lessons learned to hopefully empower YOU.


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