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Our Story

What if we could reduce the number of deaths from cancer by empowering people to take charge of their health? That was the question that inspired us to create EmPOWERed Health—a new CDC Foundation program that encourages people to take an active role in their health before, during, and after cancer.

Cancer rates in the U.S. continue to climb. Experts at CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control predict that one in three people will have cancer in their lifetime. More than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented through healthy choices, screening, and vaccinations. Yet many Americans see cancer as something out of their control.

We aim to change that.

Research shows that when people take an active role in their health, they feel more in control and are more likely to implement healthy actions that can boost the length and quality of their life. When it comes to cancer, this kind of empowerment can mean several things:

  • It can mean more people getting screened and finding cancer at an earlier stage, when it’s easier to treat.
  • It can mean adjusting faster to a cancer diagnosis as well as a greater feeling of control during diagnosis and treatment.
  • It can mean a better care plan for cancer survivors.

EmPOWERed Health is tackling more than creating awareness or knowledge, we are tackling HOW to develop skills that help stir up and put feelings of empowerment into action. But doing it right, takes time. Development is under way to create an innovative program that can help.

We will also create tools that will help healthcare providers support a culture of empowerment among the patients they see. CDC Foundation believes that EmPOWERed Health will ultimately help improve cancer prevention and outcomes.

Your Role

When preventing or managing a condition like cancer, it’s important for the patient and the healthcare provider to work together. EmPOWERed Health supports each of them in different ways.

What does EmPOWERed Health mean for you?

You are the focal point of EmPOWERed Health. No one has a greater investment in your health than you do. We hope this program will spark conversation and action as you take steps to stay healthy, manage a medical condition like cancer, or prevent cancer from coming back. We see EmPOWERed Health as providing the keys for you to become:

half brain half light bulb line art Smarter: You seek and are given information to make informed choices. You know what to ask and when.
person with arms above head line art Stronger: You have confidence and motivation to proactively prevent, manage, or overcome illness.
two people holding hands line art Healthier Together: You’re treated as an equal partner by your healthcare team. You understand the role you play in your health.

What does EmPOWERed Health mean for healthcare providers?

We know you wish you had more time to spend with your patients. Our intent is that this program will help you save time and improve the care of your patients through enhanced communication and shared decision making.

What’s Next?

We have been working hard since 2020 to understand what empowerment means to different people, and how individuals and healthcare teams feel about the conversations they have about cancer.

The Empowered Health Cancer-Free Challenge sought innovative ideas and bold approaches to help us form ideas and develop potential solutions to some of the most difficult challenges in health and well-being. These bold ideas will help CDC and the CDC Foundation develop tools for the Empowered Health program and improve cancer outcomes for all.

As tools and materials are rolled out, we will engage this community and other supporters to help us test them, refine them, and eventually use and promote them.

In the meantime, meet our new Empowered Health Ambassadors and find out how they believe empowerment can give us the ability to improve our health.

Our Events
Empowered Health Cancer-Free Challenge

Congratulations to the Top 5 Ideas of the Empowered Health Cancer-Free Challenge

This Spring, the CDC Foundation launched the Empowered Health Cancer-Free Challenge as a call for revolutionary ideas that centered around the question:
How might we empower one another to prevent, treat, and beat cancer?

With 73 submissions, the CDC Foundation awarded $30,000 in prizes to recognize the Top 5 Ideas as well as five Honorable Mention ideas.

Follow us here and on Instagram to learn more about the top ideas, the people or companies behind them, and for updates on our progress.

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