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A man consulting a doctor

Welcome to Empowered Health’s Provider Academy

These resources were developed to help you save time and improve the care of your patients. Our goal is to provide a variety of educational resources to help you learn more about how Empowered Health is working to improve cancer outcomes.

Scroll through our healthcare provider resources below, including videos, one-pagers, and an audio podcast series developed in collaboration with Medscape. And don't miss the resources for your patients in our Patient and Caregiver Academy 

cultural humility

Cultural Humility: Fostering Respect and Understanding Your Patient’s Unique Identity

A man and woman consulting a doctor

Why Shared Decision-Making Matters

A young female doctor consulting with patients

When To Use Shared Decision Making: Clinical Situations

What Does The Evidence Say About Shared Decision-Making? A Call To Integrate The Patient Voice

25-Minute Google Audio Podcast

25-Minute Apple Audio Podcast

How To Communicate Medical Information To Cancer Patients And Caregivers

25-Minute Google Audio Podcast

25-Minute Apple Audio Podcast

Benefits of Empowerment Across the Cancer Continuum

2-Minute Read

A man consulting a doctor

Tips For Inviting Your Patients Into Shared Decision-Making

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Resources for your Patients

The Empowered Health program aims to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help your patients take an active role in their health and healthcare decisions.

We developed a variety of resources, including short videos and fact sheets, that we hope spark conversation and action as your patients take steps to stay healthy, manage a medical condition like cancer, or prevent cancer from coming back.