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Welcome to Empowered Health’s Patient and Caregiver Academy

Did you know that taking a more active role in your health can mean you're more likely to take actions that can boost the length and quality of your life?

The Empowered Health program aims to build the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help you take an active role in your health and healthcare decisions.

We developed a variety of resources, including short videos and fact sheets, that we hope spark conversation and action as you take steps to stay healthy, manage a medical condition like cancer, or prevent cancer from coming back.

cancer support

Becoming Empowered Video Series

Meet Isabella and her healthcare team as they share tips to help people impacted by cancer understand their role in making decisions about their care.

Video series and guides available in English and Spanish.

holding hands

Treatment Resources

Making treatment decisions can be confusing and overwhelming, but with the right information we hope you’ll feel empowered to work with your healthcare team to make a shared decision on a treatment path that is right for you.

support group

Peer Power

For many people with cancer, connecting with others provides emotional support and inspiration during a challenging time.

how can empowerment

How Can Empowerment and Shared Decision Making Improve Your Health?

When its time to make choices about your health, make sure you have enough information so you are making decisions that are right for you.

Also available in Spanish.