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Resource Guide: For Cancer Care Partners - How to Access the Support You Need

How Can Care Partners Support Their Loved One? 

  • Educate yourself about your loved one’s diagnosis and treatment options, so you feel comfortable talking with their team and confident providing your input. 
  • Write down questions ahead of time and take notes during the visit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to share your thoughts — you have an important role in decision making. 
  • If needed, arrange, and organize appointments and navigate financial and insurance matters. 
  • Be an advocate for your loved one. Speak up if you need more information, time, or resources to make a decision – or, if you or your loved one aren’t happy about the way things are going. 

What Is a Care Partner?


A care partner – or a caregiver – can be anyone, such as a family member, friend, or loved one who you trust to help make decisions about your health. Often, care partners are the patient’s main source of emotional and physical support and can be a true source of empowerment. 

Resources for Care Partners 

What Can Care Partners Do to Keep Themselves Feeling Empowered? 

  • Remember, you are part of the team, and there are resources and support services to help you. 
  • Recognize that being a care partner is a hard job! It’s OK to need help and to ask for help. 
  • Find time for yourself and to put it on the calendar, so it is a priority – don’t forget to take care of YOUR mind and body. 
  • If you are having a hard time coping emotionally, you can work with a mental health professional to help you identify any signs of depression and anxiety. 
  • Find a support system that is there for YOU when you need it. Consider joining a support group for care partners. 

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